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Rosalind Panda

CEO and Founder

Technology Innovator, Fine Art Artist, Speaker, Author

For her Incredible Contribution in the community and across the World in the field of Art, Technology Innovation and Creative Design thinking  Rosalind Panda is featured in Forbes, USA Today Cover Page, Brainz, Magic Image Hollywood Magazine, New York weekly, Yahoo Finance, UK Herald Tribune, American Finance Tribune, CEO weekly, LA Wire, US News, Digital Journal, Yahoo news, Artist Weekly, NY Voyage, Digital Journal, Fox news, Global Reporter Journal, US National Times, CNBC, NBC, ABC news, CBS, The US News, AZ central, NY WIRE

According to Rosalind, “Everybody has the potential to be a leader, as long as they acknowledge it and channel their energy towards creative design and innovative thinking. By doing so, we can create a better world for ourselves and for others.”

Panda’s message of empathy, patience, and innovation is one that we should all take to heart. As we navigate the challenges of modern life, let us remember that success is not just about personal gain, but about making a difference in the lives of others. Let us be inspired by Rosalind Panda’s example and strive to build businesses/ lives and communities that prioritize compassion, creativity, and progress.

For more information, visit Rosalind Panda’s website to learn about how the power of leadership, optimism, courage and purpose can empower you and others.

She is Technology  Innovator, fine art artist, Public Speaker, Author and an award winning Business Elite Global Leader. She is on the board of members in the non-profit organization called River Art Works. She is the Influencer in the International Association of Women, a member of Global woman club, and the International Society of Female Professionals Organization. She is the author of the book “LET SELF BECOME THE LEADER”.

Rosalind panda Living a life with Optimism, Serving Humanity, Empowering Others!

Rosalind Panda as a Thought leader, Visionary, and Changemaker is here to inspire and empower others to do what inspires them so that all of us together can make this world a better place. She lives a life with Purpose and optimism serving mankind and benefiting the World through the fundamental elements of life e.g. Art, Technology, Creative design thinking, and Innovation.

Rosalind Panda, a visionary entrepreneur who has made it her life’s mission to build businesses that go beyond just making profits – her businesses are committed to leaving an enduring legacy that revolves around promoting balance and purpose in life. As the Founder of Rosalind Arts Gallery, Founder of Oqulus Tech, Co Founder of Jupitor AI, Business Partner/ Chief Technology Officer at Jeanensis Ventures and many other businesses -she has proven time and time again that it’s possible to live a life with purpose while building a successful empire.

Panda’ s approach to business is truly inspiring. Her business philosophy goes beyond the bottom line, as she aims to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those she serves by marrying her knowledge as an artist and a tech mogul. Her artistic and empathetic nature allows her to create paintings that have a deep emotional impact on her viewers. She doesn’t just create art for art’s sake – she creates art to make a difference, to put light on Optimism, Enthusiam and bring world peace.

Her ultimate goal is to impact people’s lives in a way that would allow them to reach their highest selves, and it’s clear that she’s succeeding. Many people have shared how her paintings have influenced their perspectives and broaden their mindset and views and values towards life and humanity.

But Rosalind Panda’s desire to make a change doesn’t just stop at her art. She applies the same mindset to her businesses, focusing on solving the bigger problems or issues that her users are facing. By thinking from the user’s perspective, she is able to bring innovation to her businesses and make them more user-friendly. Her success as the founder of her global businesses is a testament to this approach.

Her artistic pursuits balance out her business approach to experience a fulfilled life.
What really stands out about Panda’s approach is her unwavering patience and empathy for others. She understands that success doesn’t happen overnight and that it requires a deep understanding of people’s needs and desires. Her empathetic soul allows her to connect with people on a personal level and truly understand their problems and challenges. This level of understanding is what sets her apart from other entrepreneurs and allows her to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Rosalind Panda’s story is one of passion, creativity, and innovation. She has built a remarkable career by combining her love for art, technology, and innovation in ways that positively impact people’s lives.

Her passion for art fuels her creativity and allows her to connect with people on a deeper level. As she eloquently puts it, “art makes life all rounded, which is what I am impacting others through my creativity.”

In contrast, technology is where her analytical skills and solution-oriented mindset come into play. She believes that technology is indispensable in today’s world and provides endless opportunities for innovation and progress.

Rosalind’s vision for the future is embodied in Oqulus Tech and Jupitor AI, serving humanity through problem solving. She believes that by alignment of intention, action, and purpose are the way forward. Her innovative vision can change the way we live and work.

In a world where the pursuit of personal gain often overshadows the importance of community and human connection, Rosalind Panda’s approach to business stands out as a beacon of hope. Her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives through her artistic and innovative ventures serves as a reminder that true success is about more than just financial gain.

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Leadership is an indispensable skill in human life. When you set the foundation of leadership in your own life, you become an example for others and inspire them. No matter where you are in your professional journey, leading yourself through purpose, inspired action, and a profound foundation will set you up for success.

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Representing this multi-pronged generational approach to career is author, artist, speaker, entrepreneur, and influencer Rosalind Panda. She is the CEO of Rosalind IT Services, founder of Rosalind Arts, Director of Rosalind Constructions, and Co-Founder of ROVA Token. A big lift for a young entrepreneur but an example of taking multiple interests to a new business level with creativity as the common thread.

“How are you using your gifts to make a positive difference in our community, society and world?” said Rosalind Panda, an entrepreneur, author and artist. No matter what our gifts are, we are all the same in wanting to express ourselves in our truest form. To achieve this, we need our gifts to nourish our purpose, passion and prosperity. In other words, “Purpose propels you forward,” said Rosalind.

Art galleries have mesmerized society with their curated collection of artworks. While many galleries feature works from different artists, Rosalind Arts proudly highlights the works of one talented artist, Rosalind Panda. Rosalind Arts screams culture, and it has positively influenced perspectives through its artworks. 

Rosalind Panda is bringing Love and Peace on earth through her inspiring story that talks about her social contribution in Art, technology and true leadership in life! got featured on the prestigious, inspiring magazine Godfident.


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